Pokemon Go-to-the-polls says Hillary Clinton, 2016

At a campaign rally in Virginia last Thursday, Clinton attempted to broaden her appeal to the millennial generation.

The result was truly excruciating:

“I don’t know who created Pokémon Go, but I want to figure out how to get them to have Pokémon Go-to-the-polls

But she didn’t stop there. Her website shortly pitched her next event:

“Join us as we go to the Pokestop in Madison Park and put up a lure module, get free pokemon, & battle each other while you register voters and learn more about Sec. Hillary Clinton!!! Kids welcome!”

Hillary Clinton!!! Right Kids!


We could tell her to keep her meowth shut. However, maybe Clinton had a point. Waggle-It millennials have indeed been taking to the polls in the new Pokemon Go hive, using the anonymous crowdsourcing app to gather opinions from like-minded poketrainers. With the world going Poke-mad here are a few questions from the poll to help you catch em all.

Of course, the first question on any new poketrainer’s tongue – which starter pokemon do I choose? Well why not let the Waggle-It community decide for you. 51% of wagglers chose Charmander (you pyromaniacs you)


Though this newbie hadn’t quite got to grips with their names yet:


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one sick to death of yet another bloody rattata with their smug, smirking little grins:

IMG_5576When it comes to poke-addiction the Waggle-It community doesn’t stage interventions but instead urged on this one fairly desperate player:


Maybe he should’ve taken the advice of this pragmatic waggler who came up with an inventive method of hatching those pesky eggs:



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Waggle-it users react to Season 6 of Game of Thrones

After 6 seasons, you would think that by now Game of Thrones would be hard pressed to shock us anymore, but once again Season 6 contained more death, gore and twists than any of us could have predicted. In the wake of the jaw dropping finale, waggle-it users have taken to the polls in the new Game of Thrones hive to share their opinions on the notorious show. Here are 6 polls which sum up our users’ feelings on Season 6, and as you might have guessed beware spoilers ahead!

In typical Game of Thrones fashion, the Season finale ‘The Winds of Winter’ saw the killing off of many a character. While it is no longer shocking to hear that characters have died in a Game of Thrones season finale, the scale of the deaths this time round most definitely caught some of us off-guard (if you say you saw Tommen coming, you’re just lying). One Waggle-it user wanted to know what the fans’ reaction was to these particular deaths and here are the results.


It seems like show creators David Benioff and D B Weiss got it right this time round, with a largely positive reaction from Waggle-It users. Despite that, I think we can all say it’s a shame to see Natalie Dormer leave our screens for good!

The final episode provided us with a new ruler of Westeros, and against many expectations it is Cersei Lannister who has taken a page out of Queen Victoria’s book and has ascended the Iron Throne dressed all in black. However, as we know, inhabitants of the Iron Throne do not necessarily sit on it for very long; one waggle-it user has postulated over what Cersei’s most likely end might be.


The Waggle-it GoT fans are seemingly a morbid bunch, believing that Cersei is more likely to be killed by her own twin brother and father to her now (deceased) children than Arya, the wronged assassin with a death list. It seems like Arya will just have to wait in line, but both her and Jamie will have to be quick, as I’ve heard wildfire spreads fast!

This next poll references a theory that some more hardcore fans have been working on since the publication of the first book, let alone the show. In episode 10 we saw Bran return in his vision quest to the ironically named ‘Tower of Joy’ to the sounds of his Aunt’s screams, just to be confronted a newly born babe. As the camera zoomed in on the baby’s face, the scene cut to Jon Snow… We won’t say any more than that as to spoil things for those who haven’t heard the theory, but one waggle-it user, perhaps tentative at all the curve balls the series has thrown us so far, wants to know whether this scene was the confirmation so many fans have been seeking.



It seems the vast majority of Waggle-it are ready to buy into this one – but is that just what George R R Martin and the show’s creators want us to do?

Many agree that the quality of Season 6 has been a marked improvement on that of Seasons 4 and 5, but one Waggle-it user wanted to know which episode viewers thought was the best of all.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the finale pipped the poles with Waggle-it agreeing with the reaction of IMDB, whose users awarded the episode a perfect 10. Is it telling that millennials prefer the wish fulfilment and narrative development of the final episode to the cinematography and fantastic choreography of battle episodes such as ‘Battle of the Bastards’, or the tragedy of episodes such as ‘The Door’?

As ever, season 6 was home to some fairly gruesome deaths. One Waggle-it user proposed three for the hive’s consideration.


Maybe not the most graphic death in the season, but I think few can deny that none had more emotional impact than the unfortunate end of series favourite, Hodor. Holding the door for someone will never be the same again.

Finally, to cap it off here’s a poll of which good guy Waggle-it users want to end up on the throne at the end of it all.


It appears the perpetual underdog Tyrion has won the most hearts in this case, edging out the Queen that he supposedly serving. Whether Waggle-it users will have their wish fulfilled remains to be seen, as Game of Thrones continues to be anything but predictable.

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The Birds and the Bees

Sex. It’s a matter of great interest to Waggle-It users. Which isn’t the shock of the century given most are young adults at school or university and there are more male users than female. But what might surprise you is just how attached they are to the concept.

Wagglers have made their priorities crystal clear: sex beats all comers in a series of head-to-head questions.

In one of our biggest polls on the subject only 15.7% of wagglers would be prepared to give up sex for life. They were nearly four times more likely to forgo alcohol (61%).  Music lost out more narrowly, with 23.6% saying they could live without it. Good luck pulling with no red wine or Marvin Gaye to go with those scented candles!

No music


Wagglers had few qualms when it came to hypothetically parting with illegal substances. However, they were, as in the poll above, still four times more likely to sacrifice boozing to retain their between the sheet privileges.

alcohol or sex


Slightly romantically, Wagglers also seem to think there’s more to life than cash in the bank.

Birds and bees sex money


And, in a poll that simply defies analysis, more wagglers would choose sex over food.



Our latest update, already released on iOS, features a relationships section and a number of newly implemented topic hives. Now you can use Waggle-It to discuss polls with like-minded individuals, not just those in your geographical area.

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Brexit Polls On Waggle-It

Polls like YouGov, ComRes or Survation, can tell you we’re neck and neck… but lets be honest, we’re tired of the straight up “remain or leave” polls, and nobody actually knows anyone that’s ever been phoned asking for their opinion.

Waggle-It users have been conducting their own Brexit polls over the last couple of months, and with the big day just around the corner we thought we would publish a few “alternative polls”

To give a bit of context, our user base is predominantly university students aged 18-22, with a few young professionals and younger college students either side. So bearing that in mind, this is what we have found out about the young British population:


Students are less likely to vote

A poll posted in early May showed that actually 62% of the 730 Wagglers polled had not registered. 27% didn’t even intend to turn up vote. Whilst much has been done and said since to encourage voters to turn out, this shows a concerning lack of engagement about these young voters who’s lives this will effect the most, as we keep being told!


Students are predominantly Remain supporters

With averages taken from three separate “in or out” polls, 72% of Wagglers want to remain in the EU, with only 28% wanting to leave. This resoundingly confirms the perception that young people are typically against Brexit

There are some pretty passionate opinions on both sides

Both Remain and Leave campaigners have used social media as a major battleground in this referendum. Youngsters are increasingly likely to share their opinions online, and the opportunity to anonymously share has led to some not holding back. I think you can guess the opinions of the author in these two examples!

Anti-brexit postPro-Brexit post


Some question whether there should even be a referendum

In this poll from Bristol University, 43% of respondents believed the decision to leave the EU should not be given to the general public.

Vote Kept for Politicians


Pirates want Brexit!

…and in our most bizarre poll featuring a Leave boat in the Thames flotilla with a skull and crossbones flag, our users speculate pirates would react to Brexit…

Pirates Picture13523743_10154376170812022_1101273046_o


Our latest update, scheduled for release in the coming week, will feature a current affairs section under a number of newly implemented topic hives. Now you can use Waggle-It to discuss polls with like-minded individuals, not just those in your geographical area.

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Facebook in Shock Acquisition Bid for Waggle-It


Waggle-It is extremely pleased to announce that Facebook has approached us with a view to a buy-out at an undisclosed value.

The news follows our outrageously successful plea to Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 Billion in Waggle-It ideas. It turns out that one of the 1,539 people who viewed the post was actually in charge of acquisitions at Facebook and saw the incredible opportunity that Waggle-It represents to become THE go-to polling app over the next three years.

Facebook recently included polling in its infrastructure and has been looking to make acquisitions to cement their dominance in this field following Google’s acquisition of Polar in 2014 for an undisclosed sum.

Co-Founders Scott and Felix have a big decision on their hands, sell out or continue their independent ascent to the big leagues. God knows, the latter will require significant investment. Please get in touch ASAP if you would like to help us fight for our independence (and get a piece of the pie).

More news to follow.

Contact: Felix@waggleit.co.uk

3 Lessons I’ve Learnt Starting a Business Straight Out of University



Six months ago today, my Co-Founder – Felix – and I registered our business at Companies House. Six months on, and I can honestly say it has been the most tremendous learning curve I have ever had.

I have now been to enough start-up events and talks to understand that the generic advice business owners tend to feed you is actually more confusing than helpful. So I’m aware that my lessons may well not apply to everyone’s business. My Co-Founder keeps jokingly referring to the convenience a time-machine would provide, to rewind six months and be six months the wiser when we started, so I genuinely think the insight I will provide will be helpful to any young budding entrepreneurs tepidly standing on the precipice of the unknown, pondering the literal million dollar question “should I do it?”

The answer is, yes, you should do it.


Lesson No. 1: Go with the flow, give the customers what they want

When we first discussed the idea in August, we visualized a platform where you could crowdsource decisions like “should I buy that pair of shoes” to help inform your useful life choices. Anybody who has used Waggle-It will understand, whilst this is a potential use, it’s not how people tend to use the product.

We made good moves in the production stage – making the app location-based and anonymous helped people tap into local communities and fuel their curiosity. They could understand what people around them think without fear of exposing their identity. However, we have quickly realized that locality is only one community division that people want to tap into. We are now set to address this by allowing people to create hives in the next version, due for release shortly.

The advice to take here is that your vision will change. Learn to listen to your customers and adapt accordingly. There’s no point stubbornly peddling something that you think people would like – that has seen the death of many of our competitors.


Lesson No. 2: Learn to deal with the setbacks

I sit here writing this almost 7 weeks after releasing the product, and we’re 5,500 downloads down and we’re now gaining almost 50 totally organically every day. If you’d told me this in January, I would have been delighted.

However, there have been some pretty tough moments. One recurring theme is that a small minority in secondary schools and universities have used the app to anonymously target one another. My partner and I have both had long nights in front of the computer checking questions that come through and whether they have been designed to hurt others. I personally remember one night where I was at my lowest point, sitting in my bed at 1am having to delete almost every question that came through. Seeing your creative product taken out of its intended usage and being used to hurt other people is pretty terrible. However, negative interactions are few and positive interactions are many and, again, we are going to address this issue in the update.

Learn to accept that people will give negative feedback, people won’t use or understand your product and why you have created it. The best advice I can give to this is remember, most businesses started with the same problems. Snapchat, Facebook and Yik Yak are prime examples. It’s about how you address them, which we have done. Having a good person to speak to about this stuff is crucial, which leads me to my final point…


Lesson No. 3: Pick a Co-Founder you can trust

Felix, my co-founder, has been a friend of mine for approaching 10 years. We discussed ideas whilst travelling. Since day one, we have had a chemistry that I believe is impossible to create from scratch in any normal working environment.

We argue every single day, at times our arguments get relatively personal – something we never did as friends. This is far from a bad thing, though. Because of our inherent understanding of each other’s traits, we can move from heated debate to having a laugh in 5 minutes. We hold nothing against each other, and are constantly looking forward as a result.

I have heard of several examples of fights in start-up offices between co-founders that are really terrifying! I was once told at one of these start-up events I demeaned at the start of this piece that the best trait co-founders can have is contrasting expertise. That is absolute rubbish for young entrepreneurs. Of course, it’s preferable, but we are learning on the job everyday. That’s the advantage of being young; you can become an expert at anything.

Work with someone you can understand on a personal level over anything else, then look for contrasting expertise and business acumen. I wouldn’t trade my beloved Felix for any other person – it’s a romance to last the years!

Founder’s Welcome

Welcome to the Waggle-blog! We, the founders – Felix Hamer and Scott Simpkin – are going to update this blog on the regular, keeping you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Waggle-It camp. It’s been a short but ridiculously hectic journey to date and we hope that will continue as Waggle-It goes from strength to strength!

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